Roxanol 30MG Online

Treat Acute and Chronic Pain With Roxanol 30MG Online

Pain in any part of your body can be a huge discomfort. This pain can arise out of anything – accidents, sudden slips and falls, inflammation due to cold, etc. In such a situation to control the pain until you can visit a doctor and to resume your routine work, there is no better option than quick pain medications. Roxanol is one such effective pain medication that releases immediate results. For quick deliveries opt for Roxanol 30mg online so that you can have the medicine delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

Structure and composition

Roxanol 30mg is an oral medication. It consists of morphine sulfate that releases immediately. As far as the composition is considered morphine sulfate consists of Morphine – 3.6-diol, 7,8- didehydro-4,5-epoxy-17-methyl-, (5a,6a)-,sulfate(2:1)(salt). Since it releases immediately, the user gets immediate relief. All information regarding the medicine is readily available from the standard online pharmacies.


There is no per se standard medication dose of Roxanol. It must be given as per the directions of the doctor. An amount of 10 to 30 mg can be administered every 4 hours. The dosage of analgesia can vary from patient to patient. If the patient is suffering from terminal ailments then to control to pain in such patients the drug must be administered on a regular schedule. Continued dosage can lead to suppression of the respiratory tract leading to shortness of breath. At this juncture, the dosage must be stopped immediately. For the first three days if the patient has no breathing problem then the medicine must be given at an interval of 4 hours. This helps the patient to sleep well and take enough rest.

Side effects

Roxanol is a narcotic analgesic. Users can show some side-effects as well. So, it’s always feasible to take medical advice before using the medication.

Being a narcotic analgesic, Roxanol 30mg can be a habit-forming drug. It must not be taken as an illicit substance. Patients must stick strictly to the advice of the doctor when it comes to the administration of the medicine. It is meant for temporary treatment of any issue. So, medical practitioners always apply this drug for a limited period.

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