Q 1). How can I contact the pharmacists of BBH Online Store?

We are always open for all sorts of queries from our customers and visitors. You can contact us for any type of query as you are free to contact us on our customer service email addresses like info@bbhonlinestore.com and bbh.suports@gmail.com at the same time you can contact us through the Contact Us section of the website for contact detail. 

Q 2). Are you people accepting any insurance plans?

At BBH Online Store we do not accept any insurance plans. Needless to say we make sure that you get receipt and invoice for all orders which you can use to claim for any insurance and reimbursements. Thus, we make sure that you do not lose money that you may otherwise get from your insurer.

Q 3). Can you tell us about the quality of medicines, are they good quality?

Since we are selling them at lower costs in comparison to other online stores or bricks and mortar pharmacies, a lot of people are skeptical about our quality. However, stay assured that our medicines are of top quality and sourced from reliable pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality of the product. Stay assured that since we sell only the products licensed by the government and deal with only the multinational brands with a good reputation, we are trusted by a large number of customers and clients. 

Q 4). Can you tell us about the expiry dates of medicines; are they close to expiry when sold?

We can assure our customers that all our medicines are freshly delivered, we are not selling the pharmaceutical products that are about to expire. In fact, the expiry date of the products is checked in two stages e.g. regular inventory filtering and before shipping so that our customers do not have issues. At the same time a huge turnover of stock ensures the availability of the latest manufactured batch of medicines for our customers. 

Q 5). What kinds of discounts and offers available for customers at BBH Online Store?

Since we are a discount pharmacy product seller we are offering a range of discounted medicines for our customers. In fact, all of our products have a discounted price so that everyone can afford them. Needless to say there will be always different offers and discounts over a period of time. Therefore, you should keep visiting the website for the latest offers and at the same time read the offer description for the eligibility to utilize the offers.

Q 6). Does BBH Online Store recommend any medications for customers?

Being a trusted and reliable name in online pharmacy, we understand the ethics in medical sciences. Therefore, we humbly decline that we do not recommend any medications. Our job is to deliver the prescription medicines to our customers to their doorstep. However, we do sell some On the Counter (OTC) medicines and products that do not require a prescription.

Q 7). Is there a limit on the number of products in one order and what to do if the product I am looking for is not available or out of stock?

The first question being specific requires a dedicated answer and for that we can say that there is no limit for a number of products that you can order. Regarding the second question, anyone can contact our pharmacist who can help you to suggest an alternative medicine with the same composition. Therefore, it can well be understood that prescription medicines should be taken only after the doctor has asked or recommended it.