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Morphine is another vital medicine that is mainly used for relieving severe pain. This medicine comes under opioid analgesics, and it works by changing the function of the brain so that it cannot determine how the body feels and responds to the body pain. This medicine comes in the format of capsules, tablets as well as injections. Morphine comes under the class of medication called Opiate (Narcotic) analgesics. This medication should only be taken as and when necessary and people should not make the habit of taking this medicine, otherwise it will not work properly.

Benefits of Buy Morphine 30mg Online

Nowadays due to a busy schedule and hazardous lifestyle, 75% of the people feel pain in their body part and they may experience stiffness, tightness, pressures, or squeezes in any of his body parts. The pain in the body part can be very tedious and it may radiate to arms, jaws, or back. During that time, pain medicine like Morphine comes as a boon for the patients, as it gives them huge relief from the pain after taking the medicine. Though this medicine cannot directly reduce your pain from the body part it stops sending the pain message to the brain and that is why the patient does not feel pain after they take the medicine.

This medicine can be used for both moderate as well as severe pain. When the pain could not be controlled with the normal pain medicines, doctors used to prescribe this medicine that gives instant relief from pain.  The drug should not be taken without consulting the doctor since it can cause adverse effects especially if a person is allergic. In severe pain, doctors prescribe Morphine in injection form, which can be injected under the skin or into the muscles or the vein depending on the condition of the patient.

Side-effects of Morphine / Roxanol 30mg

Just like any other pain medicine, Morphine also has some side effects like nausea, vomiting, itching, weakness, confusion, low body temperature, and loss of appetite. In some very rare and extreme cases, users may face insomnia, stomach pain, bloating, erectile dysfunction, etc. It’s always advisable to take the medicine cautiously and with a proper prescription.


You can get this medicine in almost every medical store. But if you want to buy this medicine at a lower cost. then you should buy it from the online medical store. Nowadays there are many online medical stores available and you can approach the reputed one. These stores not only provide medicine at the doorstep but also give huge discount, especially if the drugs are purchased in bulk. All that people need to do is to upload the original prescription before ordering the medicine.

Some Frequently asked questions about Roxanol / Morphine 30 Mg

Q1. Why Morphine is used?

Morphine is a pain killer known as opioid pain relievers. It’s used for controlling different types of physical pains including surgical pains.

Q2. When Morphine is used?

Normally, opioid pain relievers are used when all other pain relievers fail.

Q3. What is Roxanol 30mg?

Roxanol 30mg is composed of Morphine Sulfate. It’s a pain killer with the main ingredient Morphine.

Q4. What is the normal dosage of Morphine 30mg?

Normally, the medicine is taken every 4 hours in severe pain. However, the dosages vary according to the severity of the pain and doctors prescribe.

Q5. How do Morphine tablets are taken?

Morphine tablets are taken orally and it makes the immediate release.